Garlic chicken with pancetta in a creamy leek and mushroom sauce.


chicken thighs – I use 800grams 

cornflour -enough to coat the chicken lightly

garlic powder two tablespoons

smoked pancetta -one pack
garlic oil
garlic cloves grated
punnet of mushrooms
One tub of creme fraiche
One chicken stock pot mixed with 800ml of hot water
wholegrain mustard 2 tablespoons
Mixed Mediterranean herbs 1 tablespoons
onion powder 1 tablespoon
White wine vinegar 2 tablespoons



Firstly coat the chopped chicken in a light dusting of cornflour, the garlic powder, meditteranean herbs and onion powder.

In garlic oil fry off the chopped leeks ,mushrooms and garlic cloves(all chopped) for a few minutes and then add the pancetta and fry until cooked through. Empty the vegetables onto a plate and in the same pan now add the chicken and cook until its golden on all sides( approximately ten minutes) Now add your chicken stock and white wine vinegar aswell as the wholegrain mustard and allow to simmer for another twenty minutes approximately. 

Remove the chicken and scrape all the good bits off the bottom of the pan under the stock, allow the stock to reduce slightly before adding your tub of creme fraiche and simmer until you achieve the sauce consistency you like.


Add back in your chicken and leek mix before serving with a variety of sides. We had ours tonight with basmati rice, it goes equally as well with roasted baby potatoes, in a pie mix or even spaghetti  pasta and garlic bread.Oh it would even be fab with vol-au-vants!


This gets the thumbs up from the twins aswell as pleasing the adults but if you wanted to make it adult only replace the white wine vinegar with white wine and it would be a great dinner party dish.


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