Me Time

Does any of this sound familiar to you ? I wrote this the other night as I forced myself to stay awake a few minutes longer to have some "me time " . It's 11.30pm I should have been in bed hours ago but I am enjoying some "me time" . I say enjoying in reality... Continue Reading →

The Mammy wardrobe

It was as I was packing for a long overdue few days away with the other half that I glanced down at the suitcase contents with a frown on my face. Swiftly unpacking half the case I reminded myself this was a break away without the twins and as a result I was free to... Continue Reading →

Because You are worth it

  Although your  head may not thank you. I just pulled a 22 hourer.. The kids weren't sick  ( tip wood as I write this because dare I mention sickness something always happens ) I wasn't working late in the day job. I wasn't catching up on season two of any box set I started... Continue Reading →

My so called “Fake birth”.

Did you have a natural birth? If there is one question since my children were born that continues to irk me and sometimes I will admit upsets me every time I hear it it's this. I see this time and time again in parenting forums, articles, social media, birth announcements etc. Those who ask it at... Continue Reading →

Reminders about reminders…

Reminder number one for today was " write a blog post Adelle" -check -gold star for me on completion of said reminder !  I promptly peeled the gold star off my jumper ( Don't judge me I have 2.5year old twins -stickers are a necessary part of daily life here) as I hit the dismiss... Continue Reading →

Mammy guilt

  Ah yeah today’s a good day for mammy guilt I pondered as I spent my third hour in the car driving home tonight from Dublin to try desperately to get home in time for bedtime . And I failed. I knew I was going to fail as I realised I had driven maybe 10... Continue Reading →

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