Happy World book day

As the day closes I wanted to celebrate #worldbookday with my memories from childhood and memories with the twins .


I think I may be a teeney bit more excited than the kids as these are the first non picture/text books I have read to them but they enjoyed the covers and a few pages . We have plenty of years of happy reading ahead with the Far Away Tree adventures by Enid Blyton.



I love reading , books come everywhere with me , always have.

My  pregnancy enabled me to overindulge  due to bedrest and saw me read 90plus books in approximately 15 weeks, and now that I don’t get the chance to read as often I make sure I pick good reads , although no matter how much I am enjoying a book these days I do tend to nod off.


Jodi Picoult, Lesley Pearse, Dorothy Koomson, Carmel Harrington ,Jojo Moyes, more recently Ella Harper & Liz Nugent are amongst those authors who are not only on my kindle but my paperback buys too.I eagerly await new publications from these authors and they never disappoint.

I could list many many more but there isnt enough pages to acknowledge especially the seriously talented Irish authors across all genres , so if I really like a book I will from time to time do a little appreciation post.



I read to my bump throughout my pregnancy and bed rest and from the minute they were born books have been a huge part of their lives. Every day without fail their little library ( bigger than mine now ) is rooted through and invaribly ends up with four shelves on the floor !

They read everything from the aldi or lidl special offers ( I kid you not ) to anything by Julia Donaldson or any Adam books by Benji Bennett. The first time I read Adams cloud I shed a tear but Benji’s stories and tribute to his little boy Adam are full of adventure and magic , the kids adore Adam and every night at least one of these books has to be read.



Reading is my absolute favourite thing to do with them and there is nothing more special or heartwarming to have limbs jump on you for bedtime story.

Freshly scrubbed faces, jammies on and snuggles as you feel their bodies relaxing into you , absorbed in the adventure.



If you can , take ten minutes a day to read to your little and not so little ones . Reading is not something just to enjoy alone  but a memory that will stay with you long after they don’t fit on your lap anymore. 20170228_174652.jpg

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