10 things that make me happy

LadyNicci has me all a fluster trying to think of only ten things that make me happy. I’m not too happy that I am about to detox until Christmas so this list will be a memory for when I am finding things tough over the coming months. Outside of the usual suspects of the kids, himself,coffee,wine and so on I have dug a little deeper with these ten.

  1. Parental leave

While I am sad right now in my last week of parental leave I am lucky enough to be supported in my full time job to have taken eight weeks off this Summer and last. We all know how manic the day is working full time, doing things for yourself, the kids, running a household and spending time with your partner so to be able to not allow the clock alarm to dictate our day and ultimately spend time with the twins was the best. I have made the another amazing Summer of memories with the twins, himself and family, we may have experienced all seasons most days but sure that’s Ireland for you!

pl image.jpg


2. Kindle 

A self confessed book addict I continue to surprise myself as to how much I love my Kindle. My husband bought me a kindle a few years back and I wondered would I really use it given my love of real books in my hands. Fast forward to seven weeks of bedrest carrying the twins, to finishing a book in the middle of the night and being able to buy a new one there and then . To be able to read your book in your pitch black room as your babies sleep in the early days to now ,them in their own rooms and me in mine having an early night cosied up with my kindle, there is nothing better.



3. Urban Decay

It has to get a mention here. Anyone who knows me knows I love a smokey eye. From their iconic eyeshadows( Naked 3 being my favourite palette ) to creamy lipsticks and amazing eyeliners they will always be my favourite makeup brand, and who doesn’t feel slightly more confident when you have a little makeup on.



4. Sunflowers -by Elizabeth Arden

Perfumes to me are very special, scent is so unique to everyone and tastes differ vastly. My all time favourite is Chloe Narcisse which can only be bought online these days and I will always think of my mother when I smell White Linen but Sunflowers holds a special place in my heart as it is a perfume Mam introduced me to and we both still wear it to this day. Christmas is a great time to stock up on the huge bottles of it and one of us will usually get the other a bottle as part of a Christmas present.



5. Penneys.  Yup I know I am thinking of things outside of obvious likes but there isn’t alot Penneys can’t cure. It would be remiss of me not to include it since I spend alot of time here. Where else can you go with a hundred euro and dress the entire family and know ye will all look good!

penneys irl

6. Fluffy socks & Fluffy blanket

Usually courtesy of Penneys, I am a very cold creature and have been known in Winter to wear two pairs of fluffy socks, a dressing gown, hot water bottle and be under a fluffy couch throw whilst himself is passing out from the heat from the stove.

fluffy socks


7. The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones

Yup I have well and truly fallen on the fan wagon for both of these shows and am currently going through withdrawls now GOT is over ( 7 episodes only, come on writers you could’ve given us at least 9!) and I am literally counting down the days until the walkers return. It helps that Rick was in a show called teachers that I grew up on and he has only improved with age too! I will also add Home & Away in here for a bit of cheese, it is going as long as I can remember and has seen me through all times of my life ,to present day. There is nothing better than a Home & Away binge:)


8. Kenwood Chef

I will never forget the day himself completely surprised me with one of these beauties for my birthday. Usually I figure out what I am getting or I end up picking it out myself, but the year I was handed a huge box and tearing the wrapping paper open to find the Chef inside had himself with brownie points forever. He is repaid with the fluffiest sponge cakes and chewy gooey meringues when I get a rare moment to bake.


9. Good twin products

Aka the Twinz pillow and Twin Trike.  It has been a while since I have used either of these products but if there any two things I would say to a twin Mammy and Daddy to be to buy it would be these two things. I imported the Twinz pillow from America and it made breastfeeding the twins manageable, it was so comfy they even napped on it sometimes. Later it was a great help with tummy time, and then as little supports for when they started to sit up. Even later still the lads used it to relax on for wind down time or watching their cartoons. The twin trike we imported in from the UK and was invaluable when the twins were no longer happy to be in the buggy. I was envious of single babies in their little push bikes and then I stumbled on this trike and the kids loved it as much as we did. The buggy literally gathered dust once this came into the house and it was a very sad day when they moved to wanting to walk everywhere and the trike left to go to younger twins.


10. A lie in

Ahhhh do you remember the days when you spent half the day in bed, getting up late, having something to eat and then sometimes going back to bed with your book and possibly snoozing again. They are very very distant memories but we have worked out our own kind of lie in now that works as well as it can with two toddlers in the house. We alternate the lie ins, so I get Saturday, himself gets Sunday and vice versa. Generally it is until 1030/11, not much of a lie in you say but those extra 3 hours are magical. I love my lie in morning and sadly going to bed the night before knowing when the monitor buzzes with shouts of Mammy,Daddy up time that is is indeed only Daddy up time that morning!.

lie in


And there you have it , my current top ten Happiness is list, some will always remain there for obvious reasons, others may change. What’s making you happy right now?





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  1. Oh yes, definitely love a few of those! I’m feeling under pressure now to get mine written, have it half done in my head only.

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