Summer downtime and realising the simple things are the best.

Lets go search for puddles to jump in. That was all the twins wanted to do recently and after spending nearly a whole hour the previous day skimming stones, well I cannot skim stones ,that skill belongs to my husband, so  it was more like the three of us throwing stones into a river and seeing who could throw the farthest! It really hit home to me that what the kids have enjoyed most this Summer has been the simple things.

We have had picnics on the beach in glorious weather, rock-pooled and fished . We have found hidden caves, went on pirate treasure hunts, climbed (low) trees and cycled fast through lots of parks. We have collected stones and shells on beaches, and ate some more picnics at the side of loughs. We have hunted for fairies in many woods, explored trails and found new playgrounds. We have gone for walks with the sun on our faces and with the misty rain tickling our legs as we cling to Summertime.We have mastered boogie boarding and fished with real rods for the first time this Summer. We have chased wishes and made weed bouquets. We have wandered around our own home city dancing to street music, sightseeing castles, treaty stones,galleries and shopping centres on occasion. We have climbed hills and cliff sides with plenty of snack stops along the way. Lots of books have been read in libraries and long forgotten projects were finally started (maybe not yet completed) around the house.

lads well...


We have visited a theme park, swam in a lazy river in an indoor water-world,  ate chips and  far too much chocolate in several play-centres. We have visited pet farms, held baby animals, ridden in seaside trains and enjoyed meals out, ice-cream has become a standard course. We have pushed ourselves to try new adventures rides and bounced on lots of castles.


lads well...

We have not had a big foreign holiday or two, we haven’t day-tripped every day nor have we visited all the places or done all we had initially planned to do for the Summer of 2018. We have however spent a-lot of time together, with family, quality time without interruptions. And it was the disappointment on their little faces when we couldn’t find puddles to splash in that reminded me that this Summer was enough, that the simple things really do bring as much enjoyment. Don’t get me wrong, of course it is lovely to have that big trip, and that big family day out, we do love going to the theme parks and having big days out . Have they missed out by not doing all that is on offer to us as a family?  The camera roll is full of funny moments and proud little faces from new achievements. It has captured the not so shiny moments too as we all know they happen even if they are not posted for everyone to see.  For a moment the thought did cross my mind, had I done enough with the kids, introduced them to enough new experiences, new places, new people. Scrolling back through the camera roll has quickly shut that moment of doubt down. I have loved nearly every single minute, even if it has been hectic at times and I know in the next week or two we will be a little lost as we get used to the structure and routines again. But we will have so many happy memories from the last few weeks to pick us up.

Years from now I will be happy that the memories made this Summer will be of us enjoying the downtime together as a family.


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