A new way of life

As the sun sets,
Another takes their final breath.
The birds always sing but we can hear them clearer now,
The busyness of life has ground to a halt.

Souls slip away,
a Country crys.
Its’ people open their eyes, some truly for the first time,
Realising life for what it truly is.

It’s the sun shining down on your face,
its the feel of rain on your skin,
It’s the wind rustling the leaves on the trees.
It’s the embrace of a loved one,
It’s the laughter of children.
It’s a kiss.
It’s a conversation
It’s handholding.

It’s knowing you will wake tomorrow,
It’s acceptance of a new normal.

It’s holding on to those memories of the new normal,
When death loosens its grip.

We have always lived,
Some just forgot how to truly live.
Let’s not forget,
Forget who is important not what.

Don’t wait for never to share how much you love someone
It’s too late when they can’t say it back.

Remember now for the rest of your life and keep in your heart what truly mattered,

Then when it’s time to close your eyes for the final time, you will be happy you truly lived.

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