Braised honey & mustard gammon steaks with corgette and rice


Gammon steaks

Wholegrain mustard

Garlic granules

Tin of Pineapple (we will use the juice so ensure you retain it)


Chicken stock

I served with my egg rice which you can find the recipe for on here – this would be lovely with baby potatoes too!


On a griddle pan braise your pineapple and corgette in some chicken stock, honey wholegrain mustard and pineapple juice on a low heat, you can top the pan up with water to ensure the liquid doesn’t fully burn off but you want the pineapple to caramelise almost during this process whilst your steaks are cooking.

Likewise sprinkle some garlic and wholegrain mustard on your meat, pour over some pineapple juice and chicken stock and place these in the oven for approx twenty minutes before finishing them off under the grill to give the fat a nice juicy Crispy bite.

When you serve pour over some of the juices from your oven dish and enjoy the most tender gammon with the gorgoeus sticky pineapple and corgette sides.

This is a dish I haven’t cooked in years but when I spotted the steaks on offer recently in my local supermarket and given they’ve a good fridge shelf life and we are still in lockdown, I wanted to limit my trips to the shops so having meats which can be cooked easily but still be full of flavour means I will most certainly be picking this up again in my next shopping trip.

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