Asian style pork belly and egg fried rice

Pork belly or pork belly strips
Garlic granules
Chinese five spice
Wholegrain mustard

To make it slightly more asian bbq tasting add smoked paprika,Worcestershire sauce and tomato puree to the above .

Basmatic rice 1 cup (serves 2 adults 2 kids)
2 Eggs
Chicken stock mixed with 1.5 cups cold water

Preheat fan oven to 180
Generously cover your meat with the garlic, Chinese five spice, wholegrain mustard and lots of honey. (And the extras for the Asian bbq ingredients)
Put into oven for approximately one hour or until the strips are golden and sticky.( About thirty minutes in turn the strips over and drizzle even more honey and five spice over them)

Serve with veg and egg rice and enjoy the most delicious sticky and juicy Asian style pork, a perfect weekend fake away.

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