First day of school wishes

Day one in the next chapter of their life story has come to an end. Eyes are being rubbed with knuckles and soft yawns escape their lips, as the enormity of the first day of school leaves its mark on my two beautiful children. They someone seemed taller today, as if they grew a foot since I tucked them into bed last night, school neck ties on five year olds will have that affect I suppose!

Emotions were high all around in the last few days as the build up to “big school” began, rosy lips wobbled as they spoke of being just a little scared ,but eyes lit up when they remembered they would see most of their Montessori friends again after spending the last six weeks on Summer holidays.

As I tucked them into bed last night, our Summer of freedom drawing to a close, I buried them deep in my arms and inhaled their freshly washed hair, and kissed their baby soft cheeks as I whispered to them how my only wish in life is for them both to be happy. For them to know that there was a bond between us, mother and child, that whilst invisible, is the strongest in the world and our love would make even a scary time seem a little less frightening and no matter what circumstance or stage of life made them feel apprehensive, to remember that my love is engraved in their hearts and will always find them.


I let go of children today at the school gates but as always they will be my babies forever, a statement I make more frequently as them growing up has hit fast forward and we are racing through life stages. They were the smallest in the school yard today but within minutes they were making their mark, heels twisting nervously into the ground, heads going almost 360 as they took in their new surroundings. My head and heart looking around acknowledging these walls would witness many scenes I would only hear second hand and third hand ,and my heart desperately praying that most of the scenes will be happy ones.  And then it was time for them to follow the woman  behind the school doors, this woman who will help mould ,encourage and teach them for the next eight years and I willed her silently to mind my babies and to know that I am trusting her with every part of me.

My wish is for them to be happy , to go as far as they want to go or stay as close to wherever makes their heart content. To know that even in hard times to know that the storms always break ,things may be altered and different, but there is nothing wrong with different, in fact there is beauty to different .To never lose their gentleness, kindness and the twinkles in their eyes.  To keep the strength they have deep within and carry that with them through life so they can if needed remember why they are strong. There is always light so grab a hold of that and see it sparkle when they put their minds to it. The world is big, so be brave, live life and be happy , most of all I want their eyes to shine bright, like they do now, for the chapters yet to come.

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