Sweet and smoky slow cooked bbq ribs

So a long time ago I fell out of love with my slow cooker but after todays delicious slow cooked ribs with homemade bbq sauce I may be encouraged to play around with it again. I always loved the appeal of one however when cooking I love the tasting and smells during the cooking process and felt the slow cooker denied me this until today. The smells in my house today of juicy, melt off the bone ribs with a sticky smoky and sweet sauce are devine.

Have plenty of hot water to wash little hands afterwards 🙂


Rack of bacon loin ribs. I get mine in either Aldi or Supervalu. The ingredients below are per rack of rib. I go freehand with my ingredients so depending on taste alter as you wish but I have given approximate measurements for recipe purposes.

Balsamic vinegar 6 tablespoons

1 beef stock pot

Tomato sauce 4 tablespoons

Honey 4 to 6 tablespoons

Worcestestershire sauce 6 tablespoons

Brown sugar 3 tablespoons

Wholegrain mustard 2 tablespoons

Crushed chilli flakes 1 teaspoon

Garlic granules 4 teaspoons

Onion salt 3 teaspoons

Ground black pepper 2 teaspoons

Smoked paprika 4 teaspoons

I cooked these on high in my slow cooker for approximately four hours. I quickly turned them half way through the cooking process and that’s it so simple but so utterly delicious.

Serve with homemade chips, salad and Coleslaw and enjoy.

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