Juicy pork chops in a Asian honeyed marinade with veg and bacon fried rice.


Wholegrain mustard 2 tablespoons for marinade and you will need more for later in the recipe at the griddle pan stage.

Worcestestershire sauce 3 tablespoons or more depending how sweet you like things

Honey 2 tablespoons for marinade and you will need more to drizzle twice during the cooking process.

Black pepper season to your liking

Chinese five spice 1 teaspoon


Green beans

Smoked lardons or bacon chopped into small strips

Basmati rice cooked in chicken stock

Pork chops

Lowcal rapeseed oil for chargrilling steak at the end


If you can marinade your pork chops for an hour or two prior then they’ll be even more juicy when eating but if you have only a few minutes to marinade these will still taste delicious.


Add your garlic, Chinese five spice, Worcestershire sauce, wholegrain mustard and honey in a bowl and mix thoroughly. I then add my meat directly into the bowl and pop in the fridge to allow time to soak up the flavour.

Cook your rice as per my previous recipes in chicken stock, ten minutes to boil or until holes appear and liquid is absorbed , turn off heat, put on lid and leave on the cooling ring. Ten minutes later the rice is ready,do not stir until serving!

In a preheated fan oven to 180 place your marinated chops on a baking tray with another drizzle of honey and cook for approx thirty minutes turning half way.

Meanwhile fry off your bacon and steam your vegetables.

When the rice is cooked place it in the pan of cooked bacon and add the veg, cooking for a few minutes until its mixed through.

To finish heat a griddle pan and give the chops a final cook for a minute a side with another drizzle of honey and mustard juices from the oven pan.

Serve and enjoy 🙂

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