Beef and chorizo stuffed creamy cannelloni


Beef stock

5% lean mince 800g
Tinned tomato
Worcestershire sauce
Red wine vinegar
Mixed herbs
Tomato sauce

Cannelloni tubes – I used 16 for a portion serving two adults and two kids

White sauce – (milk 500ml,garlic,onion,butter & flour(50g of each) ,nutmeg optional)


garlic granules

White cheddar grated -optional




To make the beef and chorizo filling

fry off your mince with three minced garlic cloves and one finely chopped onion. Add in the finely chopped mushrooms, a sprinkle of mixed Italian herbs ,a tablespoon of paprika,pinch of chilli,,three tbps of worcestershire sauce and 3 tbps of red wine vinegar plus a tbps of tomato sauce and mix all together. Add your beef stock pot with approx 200ml of water aswell as your tinned tomatos and jar pf passata and allow to cook for approximately twenty minutes. Add in your chorizo near the end of the cooking time to the mince mix.


Next make up a white sauce as per above or a shop bought  fresh sauce can be as easy to save on time but they are quick and easy to put together.


Assembly time 

Get a large lidded pot and place a small portion of the mince mix on the bottom for the tubes to rest on. Then fill your tubes with the mince, I layered six wide with one filling either side. I find a straw helps push the mix down the tube. When you have your first layer down cover this with half the white sauce and then repeat with a second layer of stuffed tubes. Over this layer use the rest of your white sauce and I then add half a tub of cooking cream and a final sprinkle of garlic. As we are a family of cheese addicts but also two of us have intolerances I then sprinkle the grated cheese over half of the pot and leave the other half free from cheese and just add a final sprinkle of the mixed herbs.


Next place the lid on the pot and pop into a fan assisted oven at 180 for approximately forty five minutes or until you can run a knife clean through the tubes and not meet a resistance, that means you might need more cooking time for the tubes to cook all the way down the pot. I also tend to in the final minutes add some more cheese and leave the lid off for it to turn golden .


Next serve and be prepared to lick the plate clean , this is definitely worth the effort and best of all you can cook the mince mix in batches and freeze to use another time and fasten the cooking process of this dish. It is served best with a big white crusty loaf for mopping up the last bits of sauce on your plate!


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