Crispy honey chicken and eggy rice

Are you still searching for the perfect Chinese influenced home cooked meal, I’ve finally perfected my own version of sticky crispy chicken and think you will enjoy it too. There are lots of different versions out there of how to make this popular dish and this dish goes down as well with the kids as it does with us in this household, it would work really well with beef too.

There are more ingredients that my usual recipes and a bit more cooking but this is delicious and worth it. We will cook the chicken, the rice and the veg and sauce so there are three different cooking elements here

I use my airfryer to cook the chicken pieces, an oven at 180 fan assisted with oil sprayed on the chicken will give you similar results


Chicken thighs – you really do need chicken thighs here to make sure it remains juicy on the inside. You can pick up skinned chicken thighs for around three euro for six in any of the supermarkets or your local butchers. They really make all the difference

Panko breadcrumbs mixed with Tumeric, garlic, paprika, onion powder

One egg

Basmatic rice

Chicken stock

Two eggs

Peppers sliced thinly

Carrots sliced thinly

Onion sliced thinly

Garlic cloves or ground garlic


Onion powder

Chinese five spice

Chilli flakes

Ginger fresh or ground

Lemon zest

Chicken stock pot

Rice vinegar or white wine vinegar

Soy sauce

Fish sauce

Sesame oil

Sesame seeds



Make your chicken pieces by chopping the chicken thighs into strips, coat them in some egg and your panko crumb mix, spray with oil and pop into your airfryer /oven until cooked. This should take around thirty minutes or until the chicken is cooked through and there’s no pink when you cut the chicken.

Meanwhile get your rice on, this is my fail proof rice method you should know by now if following awhile. Put one cup of rice to 1.5 cups of cold water with one chicken stock cube into a pot. Bring to the boil and allow simmer for approx ten minutes or until you see holes beginning to appear and the liquid nearly gone. Turns off the heat, put a lid on the rice and leave it on the ring for another ten minutes, (after about three minutes crack two eggs on top of the rice and replace the lid) Do not stir or touch it and I promise you will bave the fluffiet eggy rice.

Now in a wok add sesame oil and fry your veg to the consistency you like, I like a bit of crunch so after about ten minutes I remove from the pan.

Now the sauce ;

Add a chicken stock pot, two tablespoons of soy sauce, one tablespoon of fish sauce, one tablespoon of rice vinegar, teaspoon of garlic, ginger, Tumeric, Chinese five spice, chilli flakes and a good few dollops of honey and half a lemons zest and allow the sauce to form and thicken. You can add a drop of water to make it a little looser if you want but the goal here is to create a sticky sauce, this isn’t going to be a volumous sauce but rather one that coats the chicken and veg.

Allow the mix to reduce down and thicken and once ready add back in your now cooked chicken and coat all the chicken pieces and then add back in your veg. Now add in a good sprinkling of sesame seeds and top with spring onion if you have some and serve with your perfect eggy rice.

Honestly this is so so good and alot healthier than a Chinese takeaway and one all the family will enjoy.

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