Zesty basil and garlic hake with sundried tomato and corgette tagliatelle


Serrano Ham

Sundried tomato


basil and garlic Pesto

Lemon Zest and Juice of one lemon

Garlic granules

Chicken stock

Pasta of choice




Heat a fan oven to 180 degrees and place your hake fillets into the oven with some garlic,lemon zest and lemon juice drizzled over them and allow to cook for approx thirty minutes or until the flesh of the fish is cooked through. Approximately ten minutes from the end of cooking add a good size dollop of the pesto to the top of the fish and place back into the oven.

Next cook the pasta in chicken stock for fifteen/twenty minutes or until al dente. Add half of the lemon zest to your pasta as it cooks. I like to use tagliatelle but any pasta will work as well.

To a hot pan add your chopped corgettes, sundried tomato( make sure to drizzle in some oil from the jar) and allow to soften . Add in your torn up serrano ham and fry it up with the vegetables. Pour in some of the water from your pasta with a small bit of pesto to the pan ,this will add a lovely depth and give a little sauce to the dish. Once the veg is soft and has soaked up all the liquid set it aside and serve mixed through the pasta with the fish on top .

This is so simple but yet a delicious dish which can be on the dinner table in a little over half an hour.


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