Seabass in a lemon caper sauce with meditteranean crispy potatoes

I want to continue to showcase fish and how quick and easy it is to cook with and how delicious it can be. Seabass is one of my favourite fish, make sure to buy good quality fillets from a fishmonger if you can as they will be guaranteed to be bigger. This dish takes less than thirty minutes and is an all round family pleaser.

Seabass fillets – two per adult, one per child
Flour mixed with garlic granules, lemon pepper ,salt and black pepper. (a good shaking of all into the flour)

Lemon -Zest and juiced
Garlic cloves -I used approximately five here as its a very garlicky recipe ,we can never have enough in this house !
Capers (you don’t need these but I do find they really add a lovely oomph to the sauce)
Lemon pepper
Mediterranean herbs
Chicken stock 1 litre
White wine (200ml ) or a small cup of white wine vinegar
Green Beans
Rooster potatoes chopped and cubed
Chopped pancetta, in this instance I only had smoked rashers and these work really good aswell

Fry off your courgette and chopped rasher in a little rapeseed oil, add a teaspoon of Mediterranean herbs and allow to cook. Add a little water to the pan if they start to stick. Separately steam your green beans and add to this pot when cooked.

Potatoes- I cooked these in the microwave for eight minutes in hot water and then transfer them to the airfryer for fifteen minutes on 200 and coat in rapeseed oil ,herbs and more garlic granules.

Pat your fish dry and dip both sides in your premade flour mix, shake the fillets allowing a thin coating of flour to remain on the fillets.

Remove your veg from the pan and pour the wine or vinegar onto the pan and scrape the pan, allow the liquid to reduce down.
Now add a knob of butter when the liquid is nearly gone with some more oil and place your fillets of fish in the pan. They will take approximately three minutes each side to cook, you want the fish to crisp on the skin slightly. When the fish looses the translucent look you know its cooked.

Remove the fish from the pan ,add another knob of butter and your chopped garlic cloves, the zested lemon and juice and then add your remaining chicken stock and capers. Allow the sauce to come together and simmer on a medium heat and reduce slightly.
Add back your veg and pancetta before placing the fish fillets back on top and add your roasties to the pot. Serve immediately and if you have some crusty bread to hand make sure to dip some in the sauce left over.
It is so gorgeously garlicky and lemony so was a huge hit here kids included.

Pop over to my Instagram reels where I show the cooking process and as you will see and as I have promised fish is not something to be afraid of cooking and kids adore it! You will find me here


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