Pan fried seabass with creamed leeks and pancetta mash

I think this would be my dish to cook if I ever ended up on a cooking show, maybe the spud option might change to a roasted garlic baby potato as I’m not a huge mash fan but I have to say this pancetta mash I put together is pretty amazing ,the saltiness from the bacon in the potato is just lovely and goes with the leeks and fish ,all three on the one fork together is just yum nom!

The best thing is this dish will go down well with both adults and kids alike. The kids might not eat the leeks but Seabass is a lovely mild fish once you debone properly and the bacon in the potato will be a taste they’re familiar with and enjoy hopefully .

Add a glass of white wine and some fried green beans on the side if you were planning to cook for an occasion but this is a great midweek dinner too and is on the table in twenty minutes.


It showcases Seabass in all its simple beauty with the crispiest of skin and just a lovely hint of Mediterranean herbs lemon and garlic and goes beautifully with the sides.


Seabass lightly dusted in flour with lemon zest,garlic granules,salt,cracked black pepper,lemon pepper and Mediterranean herbs.

(Score the bass skin and pat dry before dusting in the seasoned flour )

four rooster potatos

150ml milk ,salt and pepper

Smoked Pancetta chopped

Leeks finely chopped

3 garlic cloves minced

1 shallot finely chopped

Mediterranean herbs (1 tbsp)

Cream approx 150ml

First off steam your potatos,I cook mine in small chunks and steam for approximately eight to ten minutes or until soft.

Fry off the pancetta and add to the potatos when cooked.

Add milk to the mash in a bowl and mix well until you’re happy with the consistency and season .

Add the chopped leeks ,shallot and garlic to a pan ,fry on a medium heat until soft and then season,add the cream, a tiny bit of lemon and allow to cook away ,ensure heat isn’t too high once the cream goes in to avoid splitting the cream.

Cook the seabass in rapeseed oil on mediim heat ,skin side down for approx 3 minutes (or until skin is crisped) squeeze in half the lemon juice and cook for another few seconds before flipping and allowing the other side to cook again for a few minutes, another dash of lemon juice and seasoning and the fish is ready.

I love this recipe and hope you will too x


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