Coq no vin

Pancetta lardons

Skin on chicken oyster thighs -on the bone

2 Shallots

2 carrots

Punnet chestnut mushrooms and white mushrooms

3 cloves garlic


Onion granules

Flour 1 tbps

Red wine vinegar (or red wine if cooking with alcohol)

Beef stock


Fry off the pancetta lardons and put to one side

In same pan fry the chicken to crisp up the skin and take the translucent colour off the chicken for several minutes ,put to one side.

Now fry all your chopped vegetables for several minutes before adding flour and the seasoning, and putting back in the bacon,chicken and stock.

Now cook in a fan assisted oven at 200 for 1.5hours until the sauce has thickened and the chicken is falling off the bone

Serve with creamy mashee potato ,rice or yummy crusty white bread and enjoy this delicious meal,make sure to cook double batch as this dinner tastes even better the following day !

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