Mondays meals #23 Creamy garlic chicken tagliatelle


Chicken thighs (six medium size)

four smoked rashers

punnet mushrooms

tagliatelle pasta

Two chicken stockpots

Two tablespoons onion powder

Three tablespoons garlic powder

two tablespoons wholegrain pasta

One tablespoon cracked black pepper

One tub creme fraiche




Cook your pasta in half stock pot and the equvilant water allowance depending on how much you are cooking until it is al dente.

Meanwhile poach your chicken thighs (chopped to bite size) in another stock pot with water covering the chicken ,this should take no more than twenty five /thirty minutes if poaching six medium sized thighs.

For the sauce

Fry your chopped up bacon in a little garlic oil until nearly cooked and then add your your mushrooms cooking until soft.Season with a decent amount of garlic and onion powder and two tablespoons of wholegrain mustard.Then use some of your pasta liquid to form the base of your sauce adding the rest of the leftover stockpot and some more water and allow the rashers and mushrooms to simmer away .(approx one litre in total of water) Next add your tub of creme fraiche being careful not to allow it to come to the boil (so it doesn’t split on you) and allow the sauce to simmer and thicken.

Add the chicken and pasta and give it a good swirl until the sauce has completely covered your pasta and chicken. Now give it a good seasoning of cracked black pepper and serve with homemade garlic wraps ( garlic butter on a tortilla wrap under the grill for five minutes ) and  serve. I dare you not to lick the plate clean with your fingertips .




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