Sundried tomato and Chorizo stuffed chicken thighs with mediterranean tagliatelle


Chicken thighs ( two per adult ,one per child)

Sunndried tomatos half a jar

Oil from the tomatoes jar

Sundried tomato pesto

Chorizo slices ( I used Supervalu’s own range )

Tagliatelle pasta

One chicken stock pot

One courgette

One red pepper

Garlic granules


Mixed mediterranean herbs



Roll out your skinless and boned chicken thighs and flatten them slightly with a meat mallet or whatever comes to hand, (flatten them enough to be able to roll them up)

Add a dollop of red pesto in the centre of each rolled out thigh, next add the chopped sundried tomatos. Roll the chicken up and wrap two of the chorizo slices around the thigh. Sprinkle over some garlic and paprika .

Put in a fan oven at 180 for approx forty to forty five minutes until the chicken is cooked through. Ensure to turn the fillet over half way through the cooking process and to ensure the chorzio doesnt burn place some tinfoil over the dish around fifteen minutes into the cooking process.

In the meantime cook your tagliatelle in 1.5litres of chicken stock, I use one nest per person and cook until al dente.

Now chop up your vegetables and in a little of the Sundried tomato oil ,garlic granules and paprika, mediterranean herbs and sundried tomato and fry until cooked through but still has a little crunch. Half way through the cooking process pour some of your pasta water to the pan and add a spoon of pesto and return to simmer until fully cooked.

Assemble all together and serve 🙂

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