Creamy crab and prawn tail risotto

Well I can only say this dish is an absolute beauty which can be tailored for a mid week dinner or pushed to the next level for a dinner party special and all in all takes approximately forty minutes to cook so looks impressive compared to the ease of cooking.

I know some see risotto and retreat but honestly once you get the rice to absorb all the liquid using my method in the initial fifteen minutes the rest of the time the dish cooks itself. As you know by now I’m also so passionate about fish and shellfish and want to show that its an affordable and easy family choice for dinner time too. My kids eat for the most what we eat and will always dig into prawns and crab when on offer.


Prawn tails

Fresh crab meat -I get mine from the Supervalu signature taste range for approx five euro a packet

Smoked pancetta

3 garlic cloves

2 shallots

300g risotto rice

500g chicken stock or fish stock if you have it and want a really fishy flavour

a separate chicken stock pot

1 lemon ,juice and grated rind of

1 packet of green beans



garlic granules

mixed mediterranean herbs

100ml of fresh cream or same of lowfat creme fraiche

1.5 glasses of white wine( I used a Pinot Grigio) or just add more stock if doing a no alcohol


In a heavy based pan softly cook your chopped shallot and garlic. Add your rice after a few minutes and coat the rice with the garlic/shallot.

Next add your white wine or the equivalent of stock and allow the rice to absorb the liquid,stirring occasionally. Now continue to add the remainder of your stock ,stirring and adding more liquid until you see the rice has nearly absorbed all. This will take approximately fifteen minutes in total. During this time also add your grated lemon rind, mixed herbs (1 teaspoon) and a dash of salt and cracked black pepper. Now turn the heat completely off, add your lid ,keep the pot on the ring and walk away from the pot leaving it to steam cook for the remainder of the cooking time.

Meanwhile steam some greenbeans.

Now with a litle oil fry your frozen ready cooked prawn tails with the smoked pancetta, a chicken stock pot a shake of garlic and some lemon juice( if cooking from raw and fresh make sure they are pink through before serving. )

After about ten minutes the prawn should be ready as should the risotto. Add your cream, some seasoning if needed and your crab meat to the rice and mix it around for a minute or so. Now add your prawn mix including all the lovely juices, squeeze a little more lemon on top and serve.

Crusty bread and a chilled white wine or cold glass of sparkling water with lemon goes amazing with this dish .It honestly is bowl licking delicious , I really hope you enjoy 🙂

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