Monday’s meals #15. Salt and Chilli prawns.

For my Irish readers I hope you have enjoyed your St.Patrick’s day and the bank holiday weekend. We had our bacon ribs with cabbage and spuds and all plates were licked clean. If you have never had a bacon rib then you really are missing out, my mother made these weekly when I was growing up and my own children now love them too, when you cook them right the meat is literally falling off the bone and so tender, delicious!

If you are all hammed out then this healthy version of the Chinese Salt and Chilli prawns will make a nice and easy mid-week meal for you. I don’t add a batter in this version, but if you want to add a bit of crunch then I would use flour ( some use Smash for extra crunch) and add some of the seasoning to the flour before oven baking or frying. The best thing about this dish is that it is ready in twenty minutes and there is very little prep!



1 carrot

1 red pepper

1 yellow pepper

1 onion

1 courgette

Spicebag shake mix ( I use the no msg,low salt Mr.Curry one ) heaped tablespoon

Onion granules pinch

Garlic granules pinch

Chinese five spice pinch

Sesame seeds

Sesame oil

Fish sauce

Chicken stock pot

Prawns ( I use the Supervalu ready to eat )

whole-wheat medium noodles ( 1 nest per adult, and half per child)






Cut all your vegetables into thin batons  , heat your sesame oil in your wok and add the veg, letting them cook for several minutes.

Cook your noodles in a litre and a half of chicken stock  for five minutes approximately or according to the guidelines of your chosen noodles. I then add a ladle of the stock from the noodles to the vegetables so they soften and don’t burn. Add all your spices and a drop of fish sauce to the vegetables ,now add your prawns and cook for another few minutes. (Depending on how hot you like your dish you can add more of the spice mix at this stage)


Plate up your noodles, prawns and veg, sprinkle some sesame seeds to finish and it is as simple as that!

salt prawn (2)

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