Monday’s meals #16. Lemon pepper Prawn ,crab and courgette pasta

It’s been awhile since I shared some meal inspiration and with the beautiful weather we are having I was craving fresh fish and wanted to put a twist on another recipe of mine, lemon pasta,after picking up a lemon pepper herb mix in Tiger. So based around it I made a gorgeous, quick and really easy dinner.

Not only did the adults enjoy the meal the kids were licking their plates too, in fact all we were missing was crusty  bread to mop up the remaining sauce, so next time as a treat I will add it to the menu.



Prawns -I used ready cooked and peeled when in a hurry , Supervalu’s are really tasty

Crab meat

One Lemon

Lemon pepper mix from Tiger

Garlic granules one teaspoon

Paprika one teaspoon

Mediterranean mixed herbs 1/ teaspoon

Two chicken stock pots

One onion

One courgette

Punnet of plum tomatoes

Wholewheat spaghetti ( I used gluten free brown rice pasta for my portion and it was delicious)





Cook pasta in one of the chicken stock pots (approx 1.5 litre water to one stock pot) this will take approx ten to fifteen minutes to become al dente.


With a little rapeseed oil in a wok cook your chopped onion, plum tomato and courgette. After the veg has softened slightly, take out the courgette and leave to one side. Add your prawns( which you season generously with the lemon pepper) to the wok and then add your chicken stock pot with half a cup of water, a shake of paprika and garlic granules. Squeeze in the juice of half your lemon and leave simmer for a few minutes only if using pre-cooked prawns, if using raw prawns then cook them until they are fully pink through.

Next use some water from your pasta to keep a little sauce in the wok as you simmer your dish. After another few minutes add the pasta to the prawn and veg and mix through. Next add in your crab meat ( if buying prepacked ensure you squeeze the liquid out from the crab meat before adding to your dish) , the other half of the lemon’s juice and your courgette. Let this simmer until the crab and courgette heat up and serve.(You can add more pasta water depending on how much sauce you like. I don’t add too much as the crab and prawn are the real stars here and you don’t want to overpower their flavour.



That’s it,  a plate licking dish in only twenty minutes that hopefully all the family will enjoy xx




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