Lemon and garlic crab claws and prawns tagliatelle

Crab claws
Prawns deveined
Lemon (zest of and juice of)
One onion chopped
Two courgettes chopped
Rapeseed oil
Tagliatelle pasta
Three garlic cloves grated
Two chicken stock pots ( mixed with 1 l.5itre of water and 1 with 250ml of water)
Tin of plum tomatoes ( cherry would be lovely too)
Garlic granules
mediterranean herbs
Lemon pepper


Defrost your fish if required in cold water and ensure it is defrosted before cooking.

Cook your pasta in chicken stock with 1.5litre of water) and the juice of half the lemon and half the zest.

Separately steam your green beans and also separately steam your crab claws ( seasoned with some salt and garlic granules) for a few minutes.

In your main pot heat with rapeseed oil ,add your courgette ,onion, and garlic and sautee for a few minutes before adding your prawns and after a few minutes add some of your pasta water, the rest of the lemon zest and juice, a generous amount of lemon pepper ,mediterranean herbs and your salt ,chicken stock pot (mixed with 250ml of water) and chopped plum tomatoes.

let the prawns and veg simmer away until five minutes from serving add in your steamed crab claws and green beans ,next add in your pasta and gently cover with the prawns.
I then give it a final squeeze of lemon juice and lemon pepper and serve ,allowing everyone to help themselves.

Again if you have crusty bread the remaining sauce is just delicious to mop up when all the fish is gone and with seafood lovers like my children this will be gone in half the time it took to cook 🙂 this fab family meals can be on your table in twenty minutes

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