Airfryer Asian style crabcakes

If I have to describe these in one word, it would be “More”. Now there is a backstory to these crabcakes and that is that this is my lovely Mam’s recipe and I know if she was here right now she would be delighted to see that I have cracked how to cook them in the airfryer. I have tweaked the recipe to our palette over the years, ie lots and lots of garlic and spice but you can adjust to your own taste. If you were lucky enough to be invited to a dinner party in my mother’s house, you probably have tried these and weren’t you the lucky one.
We have tweaked the recipe over the years and you might be wondering at some of the ingredients but trust me these are just delicious and they deserved to be shared!

As I mention I cook these in the airfryer now but you could adjust to cook in a pan also.


Crab meat – what is important here is to squeeze every last drop of water out of your meat and tap dry with a paper towel when finished squeezing to ensure the meat is as dry as you can get it before adding to the mix.
One red pepper very finely chopped
One yellow pepper very finely chopped
Scallions (green part) very finely chopped
Sweetcorn- optional
Chinese five spice one teaspoon
Onion salt ( one teaspoon)
Garlic granules one teaspoon ( I use two)
Ginger one stem chopped
Wholegrain mustard two teaspoons
Worcestershire sauce ( one to two tablespoons)
Soy sauce ( one to two tablespoons)
Fish sauce one teaspoon
Tomato sauce or tomato puree (two to three tablespoons)
Light Mayonnaise (two to three tablespoons)
Sesame Oil ( One tablespoon)
Zest of one lemon

Half a pack of Panko breadcrumbs mixed with one teaspoon of Tumeric, One teaspoon of Garlic granules, One teaspoon of chinese five spice and one teaspoon of onion powder and a good helping of lemon pepper


Combine your crab meat and all the liquids and chopped veg in one bowl, and in a separate bowl combine your breadcrumbs into a mix.

Now form a small ball shape in the palm of your hand in the crab meat mix ,keep the ball in your hand and sprinkle the breadcrumb mix over both sides until you are happy with the covering, Don’t put the mix down into the breadcrumb bowl as I find the crumbs get wet too quickly and you may need to make a new batch.

Now its important to plate them and put them in your fridge for at least thirty minutes before cooking.

When ready to cook, set your airfryer to 160 to 200 and cook for approximately fifteen minutes, turning half way through gently and spraying with a garlic oil if you are a garlic lover or oil of choosing.

Serve with a fresh salad and a sweet chilli or soy dipping sauce and enjoy, the only problem is you will want to eat the entire batch.

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