Mondays meals #19 Sundried tomato,Chorizo and lemon crusted Hake with roasted baby potatoes


Hake fillets –

Chorizo sausage (half)

Sun dried tomatoes -eight

Wholemeal bread -I used the  two ends of a Brennans be good sliced pan

Two Lemons -zest of half


Garlic granules

Baby potatoes


Green beans



Parboil your baby potatoes and then pop into a pre-heated oven( 180 degrees if using a fan oven) with a little Sussed rapeseed oil and garlic seasoning until they become golden and crispy

Breadcrumb crust :

Blitz your bread slices and add the juice of one lemon, the zest of half of the lemon, sun-dried tomatoes  and a good sprinkle of paprika and garlic seasoning.In a food processor whizz all these ingredients together so they are well mixed, Cook your chorizo for two to three minutes and add to the breadcrumb mix and blitz the mix again until your chorizo is now small in size( approx the size of your baby fingernail).

Season your hake with some lemon juice and a teeny bit of salt, and assemble your crust on top of each fillet. Pop the fish into the oven where your potatoes are already cooking and leave to cook for approx twenty five to thirty minutes( or until you see the translucent colour go from the fish).

Steam some vegetables ,I use our favourites to go with fish, in this dish its green beans and asparagus.


Serve and enjoy a quick and easy dinner that the whole family will enjoy xx

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